Performance at ‘LiveStock‘ Summer Roof Fest @ Market Studios, a bi-monthly Live Art/Performance night in Dublin, Ireland

Millipede’ – Solo performance in an evening of movement and noise curated by Jessica Kelly at Occupy Space, Limerick, Ireland


‘Opened 6: An Opening’ – Solo Improvised performance and sound installation ‘tuning’ for the Opening event of Gravity and Grace festival and initiation as Dance Artist in Residence at Daghdha Dance Company for 2010-2011.

‘In an instant boldly’ – Performer in a choreography by Edd Schouten, as part of Daghdha Dance Company’s annual festival, Gravity and Grace, at St. John’s Church, Limerick Ireland.

Zatoichi-e’ – Performer in a multimedia sound-theatre production, sound design and direction by Fabrizio Rosso with choreography by Teo Ghil, and video by Roberto Vitalini, produced by Oggimusica and performed at Wasabi Festival in Convervatorio della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.


‘Frau’ – Performer with boXd Productions, directed by Carrie Mueller investigating the acts of looking and being looked at, integrating live movement and video, as part of Nottdance’09 festival.

‘Courbe parallele a droite’ – Performance improvisation collaboration with Mildred Rambaud at ‘Verda Utopia #4’ in Normandy, France

‘Sound Out – a date with grains of sound ‘ – a one-to-one sound performance using live recordings and granular synth created in PureData at a Live Art Speed Dating night at Stoke Newington International Airport.

‘Icarus 2.0’ – Sound design for performance on council estates, myths and genetic engineering presented by Camden People’s Theatre with Matt Ball, Sébastien Lawson, Jamie Wood, Cis O’Boyle and Susannah Henry  at the Edinburgh Pleasance.

2007 – 2008

[Hac B] – Collaborator and performer in a physical computing, movement and noise piece with Ryan Jordan, Tamon Miyakita and Dave Corbett performed at noise=noise5 at the Foundry in London and with Ryan Jordan at noise=noise6 at St. Nicholas Church, Ipswich


‘Tremors’ – Choreographed and performed at Queen Mary University of London, an interactive dance and music performance challenging oscillations with digital and sonic artists Tamon Miyakita and Dave Corbett.


Perspectives 2006 – Performer in Jane Munro’s ‘Wardrobe’ exploring the space between dance and live art at Chisenhale Dance Space.

‘April Fools’ – Collaborated with Mildred Rambaud to create a selection of short films, including ‘spin’ shown at the Fleapit, London.

Woking Dance Festival – Performer in Yuko Kominami’s choreography ‘In-between’, a site-specific butoh piece with oversized newspapers in a tunnel.


‘Schloss Lanke’ – Performance residency in a former castle and mental institution on the outskirts of Berlin, to collaboratively devise a piece exploring broken love through movement, video, text and sound.


Pitchless Industries event – ‘silentscream‘ Improvised performance in a shop-front in Brixton market with sounds by DJ Atwar

‘Runner’ – Collaborator on Yumino Seki’s training project investigating presence for performance, applying butoh and authentic movement techniques at Chisenhale Dance Space, London.

‘Outin’ – Choreographed and performed a solo piece exploring boundaries of the body, concealed in a lycra box, at the Brunnenstrasse art gallery, Berlin.

2002 – 2003

‘Phrenica’ – A series of live performances, interactive video, film and music, created in collaboration with Catherine Watling and Jim Prevett as ‘New Dust‘ at 291 Gallery, London  to explore ideas of desire and creative space, including a hologramatic installation ‘Virtual Dancer’, hybrid live art performances ‘It’s Orpheus when there’s dancing’ and live video-mixing in ‘Ghosts’.


‘Cluster’ –  Performer and assistant movement director for workshops for ‘Future Physical‘ in a series of ‘telematic cellbytes’ focusing on intimacy and presence, connecting 2 or more spaces with visuals and audio via the internet using video conferencing technology.

‘Reverse Psychology: 10,000 Steps’ and ‘Living Room Projects’ – Performer with Daghdha Dance Company under Yoshiko Chuma, aiming to de-mystify art by bringing dancers & musicians into homes and non-traditional sites.

‘no adults without kids’ – Created an installation/performance with Juliette Savin for the event ‘Dinge’ at the Goodsyard, Brick Lane, improvising within a constructed playspace – tunnel/climbing-frame


‘NetWorkArt’ – Performed as part of the ‘What can you do with it?’ programme at the ICA in an event conceived by Yamamoto, consisting of an interactive paper screen door creating soundscape & live telematics link between London and performers in Kyoto, Japan.


‘Londonesian’ – Co-directed a dance and video performance at 291 Gallery as part of London Biennalle ’00.


‘Yield’ – Directed performances exploring power and control through dance and projected images at the Garage Theatre, London