line of flight

Claire is a performer, choreographer and improviser. She draws from her body and its interaction with space, light, sound and other bodies. Her practice is informed by butoh techniques of improvisation and explorations in digital media alongside collaborations with artists of other disciplines.

Originally from Limerick, Ireland she studied ballet at the Perm State Choreographic Institute in Russia. This was followed by an Advanced Certificate in ballet and contemporary dance from Rambert in London. A knee injury led her back to academic study and courses in Maths and Computing, leading to a BSc Mathematics at University College London (UCL), graduating in 2001 with a 1st.

In an effort to link the seemingly disparate worlds of dance and mathematics, a fascination grew with the combination of art and science and in particular dance, technology and digital media. She worked with ‘Future Physical’ in various capacities, both as organiser and performer in their telematics events and workshops. A number of collaborations ensued, as a member of New dust with Catherine Watling & Jim Prevett, Michaela Reiser and Ryan Jordan amongst others, using digital media and interactive technology such as MaxMSP and arduino to forge direct relationships between bodies and their environment.

Her discovery of butoh in 2004 resonated with a desire for reduction and a stripping back of superfluous elements, both in movement and execution & production, a becoming-molecular in the process of transformation and communication. The location of her work has always been of vital interest, going beyond the confines of traditional theatre – using parks, disused buildings, shop-fronts, art galleries, market places, etc. as locations in which to stage performances.

For 2010-2011, she is a dance-artist in residence at Daghdha Dance Company, Limerick, Ireland.